Birth Plans 101

A birth plan is a way to communicate your expectations and preferences for labor, delivery, postpartum recovery, and newborn care. Birth is unpredictable so you need to have flexibility in your birth plan. But a printed document gives you a place to make your wishes clear.

You should do your research and be very educated about your choices regarding your birth. Knowing what the standard procedures are at your place of birth is important when creating your birth plan. Plan on discussing your birth plan with your provider during your third trimester. Discussing your wishes for birth with your provider will ensure that you are both on the same page and gives you a realistic view of what your options are for birth given your specific medical history.

Plan for the unexpected. No one goes into birth desiring things to go off plan. But it is helpful to have a plan incase the situation changes.

Include sections for infant care and postpartum recovery. Your desires for care after delivery are important.

As a doula I help my clients gather their wishes into an easy to read document that clearly expresses their wishes for their birth.

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