It’s World Doula Week!

It’s world doula week (March 22-28)! According to the organizers, the purpose of World Doula Week is “to empower doulas all over the world to improve the physiological, social, emotional, and psychological health of women, newborns and families in birth and in the postpartum period.”

There are so many benefits to having continuous support during labor but did you also know there is support in the postpartum period as well? Postpartum doulas receive specialized training separate from birth doulas. They are there to help families transition during what is typically called the 4th trimester. Postpartum doulas provide evidence based information in the areas of infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. The scope of care for a postpartum doula is specialized to meet the parents where they are. Some families might need more help of infant care or soothing while others might need more emotional and physical support. Unlike birth doulas who typically have an all inclusive package price; postpartum doulas typically charge and hourly rate for services.

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