I have always enjoyed the topics of birth and babies. Ever since I got pregnant with my first daughter I was passionate about learning all I could about childbirth and what was to come for life as a mom. I love doing research and seeing what information is out there; however it wasn’t until I was preparing for the birth of my second daughter that I learned I had more options leading up to her birth and during delivery.

With my first pregnancy I didn’t know what a doula was or why I would want one. I thought I had done my research and was prepared to have a “normal” birth. I made a detailed birth plan and that was it. Little did I know that birth plan would go out the window a mere 30 mins into being admitted to the hospital. When I got pregnant with our second child I knew I wanted the birth to be different. It wasn’t that my oldest daughters birth was bad but I knew now that it could be better….enter the doula.

As I prepared for my second child I did even more research and learned a lot about what my options were for laboring and delivery. I knew now that I could have someone to talk to when I wasn’t sure if these contractions were strong enough to head to the hospital, or someone to reassure me as I went in for a second ultrasound to check for placenta previa. I even had someone to help me with positioning exercises to help my slightly stubborn baby get out of the transverse position. I had taken 4 trips the hospital over 48 hrs trying to get admitted while in early labor with my first child. This time I had someone to talk to, someone to help me distinguish pre-labor from active labor and someone to support me before I even made it to the hospital.

It is from the experiences of having my daughters and the difference having a doula made for me that I become a doula myself. I am thrilled about having the opportunity to support mothers and to help them have a positive birth experience.